Design Stages

Different stages of the Lighting design project

I - Concept Design

Concept Stage

Initial meetings to discuss project expectations, requirements and budget. Afterwards, a Lighting Design presentation is put together showing design intent for client approval.

II - Preliminary Design

Preliminary Design

Prepare lighting design documentation including lighting design drawings, loading schedule, luminaire specification, cost schedule and control system specification.

Lighting calculations are performed to support the design information.

III - Detail Design

Detail Design

Normal revisions of the Lighting Design documents.

Addition of Lighting Design detail drawings. Provide support on the purchasing of the lighting equipment and control system.

IV - Construction

Site visits are essential in order to ensure the installation is progressing to specification.

Problems arising on site are tracked with snagging lists which record the issues and how they are to be corrected.


V - Focusing & Programming

Following the installation of the lighting equipment and controls we visit the site again, this time to proceed with the final focussing and scene setting. The last one is done together with the control system engineer.